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Our Products


Made Using Recycled Content

Uniquely Designed to Break Down Responsibly After Disposal

Choose sustainability without compromising quality. Explore our product range!

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Our Products

Explore our range of products, each designed to maintain the same high quality and functionality you expect from traditional plastics, now with a positive impact on the environment. Join us in shaping a more sustainable tomorrow.

When a product containing BioSphere additive is disposed of in an active microbial environ


Hand Film & Machine Wrap

Our full line of stretch wrap products are designed to meet your applications needs. Hand stretch film keeps your palletized products together during transit, preventing damage. Not only does it provide strength and performance, but also return-value in the form of energy capture. 

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Marine Shrink Wrap

Our Marine Shrink Wrap offers some of the largest sizes and thickest films available in the market today- not to mention, the most sustainable. Our shrink film was specially designed for the winterization of boats and yachts, providing prolonged weatherproof protection and optimal shrinkability for a tight, durable fit.

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Trash Can Liners

With the convenience of coreless rolls and the same high quality and durability of traditional plastics, our trash can liners are ideal for a large range of container sizes. Billions of trash can liners are sent to a landfill every year- let's make it count.

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