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Made from Recycled Material
Redesigned for Energy Capture
Made Better.
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Made using recycled materials

We incorporate recycled material into all of our products.

Designed to breakdown after disposal. 

Designed to breakdown rapidly in a landfill environment for renewable energy production.

Same high quality as traditional plastics.

There is no difference in shelf life, quality, or durability to traditional plastics.

Our Mission

Eliminate Plastic Pollution

Traditional plastics take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill. Serüm Plastics will decompose within a few years of disposal. This not only conserves valuable landfill space, but also contributes to renewable energy recovery.

Recover Renewable Energy

Given the energy-intensive nature of plastic production, it's crucial to design with energy recovery in mind. When plastics are tailored for compatibility with our waste systems, we unlock a new era of circularity, diminishing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering emissions.

Our Products

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Shrink Wrap

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Stretch Wrap

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Can Liners


Contributing to the Circular Economy Through Energy Recovery

It takes energy to make plastic. Let's turn plastic back into energy.

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A Green Initiative With a Measurable Impact

We provide quarterly environmental impact reports based on the amount of Serüm Plastics products your company orders. These reports show the waste-to-energy potential of your plastic waste. 


A woman-owned company, seeking a realistic solution to plastic waste.

"Throughout my years spent working in the maritime sector, sailing and diving around the world, I realized that when it comes to plastic pollution in our oceans our biggest problem is our inability to take accountability for the plastic application at the end of its life cycle. I was inspired to seek an alternative to recycling and composting when those simply aren't an option.

In order to achieve true circularity, we need to take accountability for our waste, beyond 'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.' Since it takes energy to make plastic, we aim to turn already recycled plastics BACK into energy."

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Kahle Wightman

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Same High Quality As Traditional Plastics:
Setting the Standard for
Eco-Friendly Solutions

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